Vision Sheetmetal Work can help with the selection of fans and design of full ventilation systems appropriate for each installation, we have years of experience developing a bespoke service for each situation.  Many fans are available from stock.

Selecting the right fan for the job - There are many factors be considered when choosing the correct fan for your application but our helpful staff at Vision Sheetmetal will help you to ensure your choice is correct. We are constantly working with the world’s leading manufactures to use the most economical fans with the most efficient motors.

The fan can often be the most important part of a ventilation system so selection of the correct fan and the design of the duct is an essential part of the extraction system.

We recommend the use of the correct fan designed to meet the requirements of your situation and made to the highest standards by leading fan manufacturers to give an efficient and cost effective service over many years. Our range includes roof fans, tangential, radial, sickle, Cylindrical Bifurcated Axial Fans, Square Bifurcated Axial Fans, Roof Fans, Vertical Jet, centrifugal and axial fans all designed for specific applications.

We would recommend that fans be fitted with the correct speed controller to avoid needless costs or wear and tear on the fan motor by running at full power when it is not necessary.


Impeller FanImpeller fans


Impellers comprise glass reinforced blades made from high performance composite material and aluminium alloy hubs capable of working at a total pressure of 900 Pa, with airflows up to 130 000 m3/h. B3 type IEC motors are used as standard.

Attributes and special features:

The MAXvent2 axial range fans is available in 13 diameters ranging from 315 to 1400 mm. Depending on the diameter, the motors are available in 2, 4, 6 or 8 poles configurations. For each diameter and each speed of rotation, the range includes 5 impeller blade angles giving a total of almost 175 possible configurations.


High pressure refrigeration: condensers, evaporators, coolers, wind turbines, industrial machines, co-generators, kitchen extract, air washing, ventilation ducts, motor cooling, compressor cooling, drying technology.

Double Inlet Centrifugal FanDouble inlet centrifugal fans


Double inlet centrifugal fans in compact scroll housings with forward curved blades. Impeller diameters from 200 to 400 mm are available, resulting in air volumes up to 14,000 m³/h.

Attributes and special features:

Optimal motor cooling and a compact construction achieved through integrating the voltage controllable external rotor motor into the impeller. Housing also possible with discharge flange and baseboard. Housing designs in aluminium and sheet steel.


Close control units, air heaters, exhaust plants, gate and door air-curtains, cleanrooms, flat devices.

Mixed-Flow Impeller FanMixed-flow impeller fans


The mixed-flow impeller is available in diameters from 355 to 560 mm and achieves air volumes of up to 15,000 m³/h (free blowing). Plastic impellers are available in diameters from 355 to 450 mm. Impellers with diameters from 500 to 560 mm are available with welded aluminium construction.

Attributes and special features:

Optimal motor cooling and a compact construction achieved by integrating the voltage controllable external rotor motor into the impeller.


For housing fans, duct, tube and roof fans, in air conditioning units, heat pumps, cooling and ventilation purposes.


Other fan types are available please enquire if you need something else.

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At Vision Sheetmetal Work we are committed to the protection of health and the environment. As a sheetmetal manufacturing specialist we are determined to minimise any adverse impacts as a result of our activities.

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Thanks for the work that you carried out for Autobincleaning Company in February 2012. I found your team informative, friendly and professional. I will be contacting Vision Sheet Metal in the near future.

Autobincleaning Company

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Vision for Catering Equipment

We are known for our quality fabrication but did you know we also offer fantastic offers on leading catering equipment brands such as:



  ...and much more

Qty: 50 filters
Code: AF1
Size: 500mm x 500mm  

Vision Air Filters pads have a two-stage filter action to clean the air and protect your fans and ductwork.
As a pre-filter for coarse particle removal, particularly in high air volume or exceptionally humid installations. Most commonly used as a grease filter eliminator in kitchen and catering extract systems to enhance hygiene standards and safeguard against the build up of oil and grease deposits in the duct work.
Continuous monofilament glassfibres are built up to create a matrix with a progressive density, having an open structure on the air inlet face and a firm laminate backing on the air exit face. These characteristics provide a material which promotes in-depth filtration and therefore high holding capacity with minimum resistance to airflow. This filter is enclosed in an aluminium, galvanised or stainless steel filter case. This filter has drain holes at the bottom of the filter allowing the oils to drain from the filter.
Price includes carriage.
Qty: 50 filters Code: AF1 Size: 500mm x 500mm   Vision Air Filters...